Session Proposal

We are pleased to announce that the call for Symposia, Workshops and pre-Conference Training Courses at The World of Trout – 1st International Congress is now open. The theme of the Congress is Conversations to Promote a Global Trout Conservation Network.

We welcome proposals related to the theme of the Congress that include trout conservation and science, literature, art, culture and education. Scientific and conservation topics may include trout systematics, conservation, management, and restoration. We especially encourage writers, artists, and educators to organize activities around the Congress.

If you would like to contribute to the Congress program by organizing a symposium, leading an interactive workshop or conducting a training course in conjunction with the conference, we encourage you to submit your proposal by May 1, 2016.  We look forward to seeing your ideas and what trout conversations you want to bring to the Congress.  Ideas for potential session or workshop themes are below, but we encourage all topics!

  • Trout distribution and systematics
  • Trout conservation and conservation challenges
  • Trout management tools and technologies
  • The role of trout in cultures across the world
  • Trout as an economic engine
  • Trout education, formal or informal 
  • Trout as a tool to engage youth
  • Education on the value of trout and clean water
  • The use of trout in art and video
  • How will trout fare in a changing climate across the globe