“Teach your children well”…..and your adults too!

All over the world people are using trout and clean water as a teaching tool to engage kids and adults of all ages. Programs like “Trout in the Classroom” here in the US, programs at the Wild Trout Trust in Great Britain and Rios con Vida in Spain are well developed and have a large following. At the same time similar programs exist in New Zealand, Australia and all over Europe. This past month I was fortunate to travel to Argentina and meet up with a dynamic educator from Centro de Educacion Integral in Junin de los Andes, Ana Prieto. Ana is engaging high school kids in a program where they learn about the role of trout and clean water and the kinds of things that influence the habitat where they live. The world famous Chimehuin River sits right outside the classroom and Ana and her students have been taking stream habitat measurements and sampling stream invertebrates and water quality to describe the changes that are occurring in the watershed. Her students perform all the analyses, write reports, make presentations and make films of the work they do. We’ve uploaded a film that Ana and her students made for the Congress (below) and it is on our website in the education section. Sharing the types of activities that Ana and her fellow educators across the world are doing is an important role of the Congress so that we can connect teachers and others who have innovative ideas in the classroom or may want to start these kinds of programs. While Ana is not able to come to the Congress, she’s give us a poster to present and provided us with a great video. She is with us in spirit. Come join us to hear about this and other great ideas on how trout can be used in the classroom!

Jeff Kershner

Monitoring of benthic macroinvertebrates as bio-indicators of water quality. from Trout Congress on Vimeo.