Sweetgrass Rods Custom Bamboo Fly Rod

Sweetgrass Rods has developed a custom bamboo fly rod exclusively for the Trout Congress and Ruby Habitat.  Each year Sweetgrass Rods gives back to the community by handcrafting a small group of bamboo fly rods for charitable organizations to help raise funds for good causes.  We are partnering with Ruby Habitat this year to offer a custom rod in our auction.  Proceeds from the rod go to support The Trout Congress, Ruby Habitat, and Casting for Recovery.  Here is some more information on Sweetgrass Rods and their philosophy.

“The fly rods we build on the banks of the Beaverhead River will be based upon a wealth of knowledge, disciplines and gifts handed down by master craftsmen Lew Stoner, Doug Merrick, Gary Howells, and several other Western builders. Using their vision of blending quality workmanship into a practical tool that can cover a vast array of fishing opportunities, we will add our cumulative experiences, innovations and love of angling to a creation that expresses the true spirit of fly fishing.”


For more information on Sweetgrass Rods visit their website at www.sweetgrassrods.com