Trout and trout habitat conservation is one of the cornerstones of The World of Trout   There is probably no more dedicated group than the trout conservation community; trout inspire passion from people around the globe.  The idea of conserving trout and high-quality trout habitat has been apparent since people first realized that trout and clean water go together.  

Conservation efforts in Europe and Great Britain date back to the 1600’s and, more recently, conservation groups like Trout Unlimited and CalTrout in the US and Canada, Great Britain’s Wild Trout, and river protection groups like Spain’s Rios Con Vida and American Rivers here in the U.S. have worked to protect trout and their habitats.  Additionally, government agencies in many countries work diligently to conserve and manage this species; conservation and management efforts occur at the state, provincial, and federal levels. 

As we celebrate the diversity of trout in The World of Trout, we’ll also take a look at some of the conservation issues facing trout across the globe and examine the future for trout and coldwater conservation.  Questions include:

  • What are the best strategies for managing trout habitat in the face of a changing climate?
  • As the human population grows and the demand for water increases, how do we balance human needs with the needs of trout? 
  • While there are abundant rules and regulations to protect and conserve trout fisheries, which of these have been successful and why?  Do we need to change our thinking? 
  • How much emphasis should we put on native trout as opposed to wild non-native trout?  How do we find balance between non-native trout and native species in other ecosystems? 
  • How do we restore trout habitat in the face of all these pressures?

We plan to capture the conversations to promote a global dialogue and network in the trout conservation community


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