We doubt there has been any other wildlife species more written about than trout. Given the historical literature about trout and fishing, the scientific literature about trout and cold water conservation, and the explosion of magazines, blogs, and websites devoted to trout, there is a mind boggling amount of literature available.  It wasn’t so long ago that we might have only found mention of trout in the “published” literature, but with today’s ever expanding opportunities for websites, blog posts, and social media, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to finding information about trout, trout fishing, and all things trout.  In The World of Trout,  we will examine the evolution of trout literature as far back as the 15th century, exploring how the trout writing and publishing has evolved.  We are planning writing workshops, small discussion groups, and a short story writing contest.  You will also have access to the world class trout archives at Montana State University; a collection of everything from trout life history and scientific information to extensive popular angling literature.  We anticipate a number of well-known authors will be participating in these workshops and will be sharing their views on writing, philosophy, and -their passion for trout and the natural world. 

Distinguished trout/angling historian Andrew Herd from England has tentatively accepted our offer to provide the keynote address on the history of trout/angling literature. 

Paul Schullery, a noted writer and former historian for Yellowstone National Park; Bob Demott, the Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor of American Literature and Writing at Ohio University and author of the acclaimed collection of short stories “Astream”; and Jim Thull who oversees the Trout and Salmon Collection at Montana State have signed on with The World of Trout to help guide this part of the program. 


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