What is the difference between a trout and a char?  How many kinds of trout exist?  Why do some trout live in streams, others in lakes, and some in both?  Native trout are found in a variety of habitats in North America, Europe, Asia and northern Africa.  

The rich diversity of native trout and char inhabiting small streams, rivers and lake systems has been well studied in some parts of the world and is just now being discovered in others.  While no trout species are native to the southern hemisphere, trout have been widely introduced, and are now resident throughout its temperate zones. This dichotomy of native northerner and exotic southerner provides just one example of the rich fabric that The World of Trout will explore during this 5-day event.

Leading scientists and naturalists will describe trout diversity, life histories, and habitat.  We will examine trout evolution and migration, and ask “Why are trout so diverse?”  You’ll learn about known habitats in places like North America and Europe, as well as surprises such as the Atlas Mountains of North Africa and the mountains of Iran.  

To celebrate this exploration of trout we are initiating the first ever Robert Behnke Memorial Trout Lecture. Dr. Bob Behnke was recognized as one of the world’s leading trout taxonomists whose career spanned more than five decades.  Bob’s scientific contributions, his popular books, and his columns in Trout magazine exposed both scientists and trout lovers to the amazing diversity of trout as well as highlighting important conservation issues.  To recognize Bob’s contributions, The World of Trout will open with the Robert Behnke Trout Lecture.  We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kurt Fausch , a former colleague of Bob’s, and an internationally known trout scientist, has accepted our invitation to give this introductory lecture.