Trout Congress News

Contact us at to place your bid.   Winners will be notified October 7, 2016 by phone and/or by email.


Sweetgrass Rods has developed a custom bamboo fly rod exclusively for the Trout Congress and Ruby Habitat.  Each year Sweetgrass Rods gives back to the community by handcrafting a small group of bamboo fly rods for charitable organizations to help raise funds for good causes.  We are partnering with Ruby Habitat this year to offer a custom rod in our auction.  Proceeds from the rod go to support The Trout Congress, Ruby Habitat, and Casting for Recovery.  Here is some more information on Sweetgrass Rods and their philosophy.

Renowned artist Mimi Matsuda is designing the original art and poster for the First International Trout Congress. Known for her whimsical paintings of fish and wildlife, Mimi is well known here in the region for her quality work and innovative ideas. We’ll have posters for sale after the meeting and will be working with local businesses to promote the Congress and upcoming events.

The American Fisheries Society has announced that it will publish a book of papers from the First International Trout Congress tentatively titled “Status and Conservation of Trout and Char across the World". Potential authors should contact us at for more information.

The Western Native Trout Initiative (WNTI) is an important conservation voice for native trout throughout the western US. Each year, the WNTI partnership funds high priority native fish restoration projects and to date has leveraged almost $14 million public and private dollars to support 113 projects. We are pleased that WNTI will be joining us in October and has become a sponsor of the Congress.

Ruby Habitat Foundation and the International Trout Congress have joined to sponsor a unique fishing opportunity in the Ruby Valley of Montana associated with the world famous Woodson Ranch.   We’ll have an opportunity for 4 anglers to spend two days of guided fishing on the ranch and a night’s stay at the famous “Hill House”.

All over the world people are using trout and clean water as a teaching tool to engage kids and adults of all ages. Programs like “Trout in the Classroom” here in the US, programs at the Wild Trout Trust in Great Britain and Rios con Vida in Spain are well developed and have a large following. At the same time similar programs exist in New Zealand, Australia and all over Europe. This past month I was fortunate to travel to Argentina and meet up with a dynamic educator from Centro de Educacion Integral in Junin de los Andes, Ana Prieto.

As we engage more and more people from the international community, I find my “North American” centered perspective on trout to be limited by my own knowledge.  Let me give you an example.  I consider myself fairly well read but my reading about trout and trout fishing through various outlets including books, magazines, blogs, and other sources.  Being here at Montana State, we have access to the Trout and Salmon Collection where there are books that go back to the 1600’s.  So imagine my surprise when one of

Like many of you this time of year, I receive lots of solicitations for charitable giving from a number of worthy organizations. As I was working through the pile it struck me that trout play an important role in a number of the solicitations that I receive.