Trout Congress News

As most of us know, education is so critical to success in our personal and professional lives.    Former US President Thomas Jefferson extolled the virtues of an educated citizenry and their value in a democracy and certainly a public that is educated on the value of clean water and species that depend on clean water is valuable when it is time to protect and preserve coldwater habitats.   Against this backdrop the Congress hopes to provide opportunities and examples of how organizations and governments use education to inform the public and decision makers, but more importantly how groups

I am fortunate enough to be at Wild Trout this week to interact with trout professionals from all over the US.   This meeting features a broad array of talks that are mostly science focused with an occasional talk on partnerships, philosophy, and history.   Today was a great kickoff, first looking backward at the history of wild trout with Bob Gresswell and Bob Carline, and then looking forward to the future with Kevin Meyer.  As I listened to these talks I thought a lot about the Congress and how we might complement the good work that goes on at each of these meetings.